A career in Digital Marketing in India

It’s been quite some time that I thought of writing a blog about a Career in Digital Marketing for which I was skeptical about a few years back. This was the time when I was pursuing my undergrad in Computer Science. During subject projects and electives, I always ended up with something that had to do with branding, website, marketing, etc. But I wasn’t sure if digital marketing would be the right fit. Hence, after my B. Tech, I started taking digital branding projects. It took me some years to get convinced that digital marketing has a bright future. During the discourse of making everything online in the last decade whether it be a bag manufactured in your nearby vicinity or service that a tailor provides at the corner, everything has got something to do with Google or digital marketing.

Anyways, this blog is basically for marketing aspirants to get a broader understanding of the marketing profiles. Let’s look at the broad view of marketing profiles:

Digital Marketing profiles in India

In my opinion, the mix and match of skill sets in your portfolio help in a better understanding of this space. For starters, working on different projects will help in knowing your interest.

Also your work varies a lot on the same profile in different company types. After researching through Glassdoor, personal experience, conversations with colleagues, I was able to summarize it below:

It is also up to you for pursuing a marketing master’s degree, invest your 2 years salary and time to get a raise or not.

P.S. You can email me for marketing agencies majorly headquartered in Bangalore if you are looking for a digital marketing career. For advertising or design (marketing stream), Mumbai will be the place. Haven’t explored much of the Delhi region.

For those who wants to understand marketing, advertising and sales, please refer to this another post: