If you can’t stop selling it, why should we stop consuming it?

If you can’t stop selling it, why should we stop consuming it? Occasional or regular or chain smoker doesn’t matter; this question can arise in any smoker’s mind.

According to the health ministry, the economic cost attributable to diseases from tobacco use in the last Census of India was INR 1,04,500 crores which were 1.04% of GDP still here are a few reasons because of which Indian Government cannot impose the ban on Cigarettes/Bidis or Tobacco:

1. Golden Goose: Tobacco industry is a massive stream of revenue inflow for the government regarding tax. The Government earned around INR 22k crores as Central Excise duty from Tobacco items in 2016–17 which is around 5% of the total Central excise duty.

2. Products are exported in considerable numbers to companies like Marlboro and other international cigarette and cigar companies and to various pharmaceutical companies too.

3. Many livelihoods are associated with the cultivation and production of tobacco products like for farmers and market intermediaries.

4. Indians especially youth love smoking having inspired by Cinema, actors, friends for the most.

Data Source by Mr Shankar Sarma, IRS at Government of India on a public forum.

Present scenario: Today, the Supreme Court ruled that tobacco products would continue to carry pictorial warning covering 85% of the cigarettes and tobacco packs from 1 September 2018. First image will be valid for a period of twelve months and the second image will come into effect following the end of twelve months from the date of commencement of first image.